Cameron Leach Obituary, Death – On Saturday, Cameron Leach passed away after a long battle with cancer. Pete Leach and Toni Cooper welcomed their son into the world in Coshocton on November 10, 2004, and he was named after both of his parents. Cameron was a member of both the choir and the football team at Riverview Junior High School, which he attended at the time. He was in the eighth grade at the school at the time. He was a devoted admirer of nature and was happiest when he was outside engaging in outdoor pursuits such as fishing, hunting, or driving anything that had two or four wheels.

He had a good voice and sang for fun in his spare time. He was a talented singer. Because he was able to make anyone laugh at any given time, he earned the reputation of being the class clown. Being in his company made me happy because his fits of hysterical laughter were contagious. He was a joy to be around. His loved ones, friends, and classmates will suffer a great loss without him. Everyone had a lot of love for him.

Cameron is survived by his mother, Toni Cooper, two brothers, Caden and Dominic Leach, grandparents, Pam Withrow and Jean Ann (Ron) Dunlap, uncles, Shane Cooper and Spencer Withrow, aunt, Kendall Helms, great-grandparents, Roger and Judith Withrow and Bob Clark, as well as a large number of cherished friends and his dog, Scooter. Cameron is also survived by his mother, Toni Cooper, two brothers, Caden and Dominic Leach, and grandparents, Pam The passing of Cameron occurred on April 15, 2018.

Reba Eileen Leach, his great-grandmother, as well as Larry Leach, his grandfather, and Pete Leach, his father, all passed away before he did. On Wednesday, there will be a memorial service held at the Given-Dawson-Paisley Funeral Home. The service will begin at four o’clock in the afternoon. An hour before the start of the service, the family will gather at the funeral home to say their goodbyes to friends and acquaintances.