Butch Corretty Obituary, Death – A brand new Christmas angel will be added to the collection of nativity scenes that already contains a number of heavenly figures. This will take place this year. Butch Corretty was well known for his extensive participation in the various activities that took place within the community in which he lived. For example, he volunteered his time to organize toy drives for the Bloomington Fire Department and served as a life member of the Kerhonkson Fire Department. In addition, he volunteered his time to organize toy drives.

Additionally, he contributed his time as a volunteer to the Kerhonkson Fire Department by organizing toy drives. In addition, as part of his commitment to community service, he volunteered his time to organize toy drives on behalf of the Newburgh Fire Department. In addition to that, as a sign of their appreciation, the Kerhonkson Fire Department granted him membership for life as a token of their admiration.

In the end, he came to the realization that it would be best for him to step down from his position as president of the Ulster County Volunteer Fire Police Association, a position in which he had served for some time. He had held this position for some time. You probably remember him as the man who, on Christmas Day of each year, chose one deserving young girl to receive a brand-new Barbie doll and one deserving young boy to receive a hess truck as a gift. You probably also remember him as the man who did this.

In addition to this, you presumably recall him as the one who carried out these actions. In addition to this, you probably remember him as the person who was responsible for carrying out these actions, don’t you? It is impossible to look past the fact that he was the person who was ultimately to blame for what took place and not consider him to be that person. On September 7, 2022, everyone was taken aback and shocked when they learned the devastating news that he had passed away. The date of his passing was September 7th. That particular date was the one on which he passed away.