Bruce Brundrett Obituary, Death – Bruce Brundrett, one of our most gifted rose breeders, passed away on November 11, the day we commemorate those who have died in service to our country. The death of Bruce, who was 82 years old, occurred without any complications. Our hearts go out to Gayle and all of his loved ones, who must be beyond consolation at this time. Please accept our sincerest condolences.

Bruce is the breeder of many different varieties of roses, many of which have won awards. The following works will be published under their respective titles in the year 2023: Happy birthday, Lady of Australia, and best wishes from all of us at Her Excellency’s Australian Beauty and Shirley’s Rose and Jessica’s Rose.

The patron of the National Rose Society of Australia, Mrs. Linda Hurley, proposed the use of a yellow rose as the honorary flower for Governor General’s wives. On November 11, 2021, the majority of our organization’s members traveled to Canberra’s Government House to catch up with Bruce Chilver and Gayle Chilver, who is Bruce’s daughter.

During the festivities, a celebratory toast with champagne was offered to the rose as a token of appreciation. This rose was chosen by Australia Post to represent Australian-bred roses on the stamps that were issued in honor of Australian-bred roses.

The bloom on Bruce’s crown During the International Rose Convention that was held in Adelaide in the month of October, the rose known as Australian Beauty was chosen to take first place in the competition held at the Convention. Because of his illness, Bruce was unable to be there.
Bruce was honored with the Australian Rose Award at the dinner hosted by the National Rose Society on the 30th of April in Kiama.

The award was given to Bruce in recognition of his efforts to promote roses in Australia. The Australian Rose Award is the most prestigious rose award in the country.
Even though his passing has left us with a sense of loss, we are not going to stop growing his roses in the gardens of Australia.

Brian Wagner, who has also written moving accounts of Bruce Brundrett and posted them on both his website and his Facebook page, has made these roses available for purchase and has made them available on his website.
I want to thank you for having such a stunning appearance, Bruce. Rest in peace.