Brooke Perry Obituary, Death – Brooke Perry has passed away. You arrived from a remote corner of the internet. And you contributed to our home’s most beautiful and vulnerable ornament. You surrounded it with words of encouragement and motivation, as well as wellness and healthy living advice. Your kinesiology career was one that you were passionate about, and it showed in every bit of advice you were willing to give. With your friendship, you protected it. Always one of the first to comment on a post, happy or unhappy. Sentences full of hope and happiness that usually ended the same way (Friend, everytime I see a purple heart emoji traveling forward, I’ll think of you. I promise you that.

You encased your illness in vulnerability when you told us about its hazards. The first hope was that it wasn’t cancer; when that prayer was not granted, we switched to hoping that it hadn’t progressed. Even when your prayers were not answered, you did not give up or surrender. Not a single time. You soothed us when we should have been soothing you, always telling us that no matter what the reports or doctors said, you had every intention of continuing. You have consistently defied the odds. A superhero in human form.

Brooke, our beloved – With so many gorgeous textures, colors, and textiles, you decorated our home in that tiny corner of the internet. You have a hand in shaping it. We will be eternally (and forever) grateful for your love, lessons, and, most importantly, friendship. My buddy, you fought so hard to stay, and while your wonderful, beautiful physical life here is finished, we will remember you for the rest of our lives. Hug Sophia and Neveah as tightly as you can for their mothers’ sake. For Jess, kiss Trickett on the cheek. Tell our mothers and fathers, family, and friends up there that we’re alright – and how we all met in that tiny corner of the internet.