Brian Willock Obituary, Death – Yesterday morning, we were given the extremely upsetting news that our very first client from Geraldton, Brian “Slack” Willock, had gone away. This was very sad news for all of us. This came as a surprise to each and every one of us. It was absolutely unexpected, and as a result, all of us are in complete and utter shock about it.
Over the course of the past two years, taking care of Slack has been one of the most fulfilling experiences we have had in our lives. His particular caregiver, Lynda Wiffen, was someone he looked forward to spending time with, and the two of them went to a wide variety of places in and around Geraldton.

Because of his one-of-a-kind wit and the unassuming manner in which he carries himself, he has always been an extraordinarily easy person to look after. It was a privilege for us to take care of him, and in return, he taught us a great deal that was extremely instructive and useful. It was good to learn of their accomplishment, and he conveyed his gratitude.
He loved not only his family but also everyone else in his immediate environment. Slack took these images a few weeks ago when he joined Judy to the Nabawa Tavern. At the time, he was particularly happy to be there, thus the photographs capture him in that state.

Lynda Wiffen, I am extremely grateful to you; he had a great deal of affection for you and made it a point to tell me that each and every time he saw me. Aunty Barbara, the altruism that is ingrained in your very being astounds each and every one of us; on behalf of our own families as well as our own, we would like to offer our sincere appreciation for everything that you have done and will continue to do for people who live in your neighborhood.