Branson Meeler Obituary, Death – On Tuesday evening, Branson Meeler, 20, from Walton County, Georgia, was the sole occupant of his vehicle when he was involved in a collision that resulted in his death on Sims Bridge Road. Only one vehicle was involved in the collision. His living family members who are still around have been given an explanation of the issue.

An accident involving a single vehicle was reported to the Georgia State Patrol (GSP) on November 15, 2022, at around 6:29 p.m., according to Sgt. Richard Thacker, Assistant Commander of Georgia State Patrol Post 46. This accident occurred on the day in question. The occurrence took place on Sims Bridge Road, specifically in the neighborhood of where that road meets up with Luther Adams Road.

“TFC Wheeles was called to the scene of the crash, and the following information was discovered as a consequence of his investigation: The driver of a Ford Mustang that was going north on Sims Bridge Road lost control of the vehicle as they attempted to navigate a bend in the road. The accident occurred as a result of the loss of control. This resulted in the vehicle leaving the roadway and coming to a stop on the shoulder after it had gone off the road.

“After reaching the shoulder, the vehicle collided with a tree and started to turn over, but it wasn’t until it hit a utility pole that it came to a complete stop,” said Thacker. “It wasn’t until it hit a utility pole that it came to a complete stop.” “It did not come to a full stop until after it collided with the power pole,” said the witness. At the scene of the incident, it was revealed that Meeler was neither aware nor was she able to respond to anyone.

According to the Walton County Fire Rescue Assistant Chief Craig League, residents in the neighborhood were without electricity for a number of hours as a result of the work that was being done by employees of Walton EMC to replace the pole. This was due to the fact that the pole was being replaced by employees of Walton EMC.