┬áBrandon Tsai Obituary, Death – The death of Police Officer Brandon Tsai, who served with the Grand Prairie Police Department in the state of Texas, has been brought to our attention, and we wish to express our deepest condolences for your loss. On the evening of Monday, November 14, 2022, at around 10:45 p.m., Officer Brandon Tsai was murdered in an automobile accident when he was pursuing a vehicle that had a bogus temporary tag. This tragic event occurred at the end of his shift as a police officer. At the junction of SW 3rd Street and Pioneer Parkway, Officer Tsai made an effort to pull over the car; however, the driver drove away from the scene.

Police Tsai and another officer gave chase to the vehicle for nearly five miles, until it abruptly slowed down just before reaching a bend. At that point, they gave up the pursuit. Officer Tsai, who was driving the police car, was involved in a collision with the patrol car that was in front of him at the time. Both of them were attempting to slow down at the same moment. The force of the contact caused the police car that Officer Tsai was driving to flip over, which resulted in the vehicle crashing into a utility pole. Officer Tsai was sent to Methodist Dallas Medical Center after being injured, but he was unable to recuperate from his wounds and passed away while he was a patient there.

The vehicle that he was after continued to flee from him at a high rate of speed, and the driver has not been found as of yet. Officer Tsai had prior experience working for the Los Angeles Police Department in the state of California for a total of five years. After serving for eleven months with the Los Angeles Police Department, he then moved on to the Grand Prairie Police Department to continue his law enforcement career.