Brandon Travis Obituary, Death – A New Mexico State University men’s basketball player who was injured in the incident may have been lured to the scene where he would then be assaulted, according to state police who have identified the victim of a fatal shooting that occurred on the University of New Mexico campus early on Saturday morning. A 19-year-old UNM student named Brandon Travis was declared deceased at the scene after suffering a gunshot wound close to the dormitory Coronado Hall. The second gunshot victim has been identified as Mike Peake, a player for the Aggies basketball team, however police have not yet made any charges in the case.

Peake and the Aggies landed in Albuquerque on Friday in preparation for their Saturday night showdown versus UNM. According to reports, Peake left the team’s hotel as a result of a plot involving Travis, a 17-year-old girl who has not been named, and two of Travis’ pals, all with the aim of enticing Peake to campus so that he might be assaulted. The victim was shot by Travis after he arrived at the university, according to a statement from the state police. “Travis was shot by the victim, who was also carrying a gun. The other two males and the female ran away from the conflict.” The woman was eventually detained, checked into the Bernalillo County juvenile detention facility, and charged with aggravated violence and conspiracy, according to the state police statement. State police have identified the other two individuals, who are also UNM students, although they have not yet been apprehended.

The state police statement stated that “agents are coordinating with the district attorney to determine what, if any, charges they face.” According to numerous sources, Peake was wounded in the leg and is currently receiving treatment in a hospital in Albuquerque. Numerous Aggies coaching staff members reportedly stayed in Albuquerque over the weekend to be with Peake, according to NMSU. His wound wasn’t regarded as life-threatening. The basketball team at NMSU and their athletic director, Mario Moccia, have announced they won’t make any public statements until all the information about Saturday’s shooting is available.

Coach Greg Heiar of the Aggies basketball team’s regularly scheduled Monday press conference with the local media has been canceled by NMSU. On Saturday afternoon, the NMSU basketball team was returning to Las Cruces by bus when state police stopped it on Interstate 25 south of Socorro. Although no information regarding that traffic stop has been made public, Moccia claimed the squad managed to get home without more trouble. The much-anticipated game between NMSU and UNM on Saturday night had to be postponed due to the incident. The game, which was originally slated to begin at 5 p.m. in The Pit, was canceled after administrators from both schools decided not to participate.

It is yet unclear when and if the game will be rescheduled. According to a spokesman for UNM sports director Eddie Nuez, the university won’t make any announcements until it has been decided whether the game will be postponed or canceled entirely. The second meeting between the Lobos and Aggies is planned for December 3 in Las Cruces. According to numerous sources, UNM student-athletes were not involved in the incident on Saturday. The second meeting between the Lobos and Aggies is planned for December 3 in Las Cruces. After the incident, social media was humming with activity. On October 15, during the football game between the Lobos and Aggies in Las Cruces, a video of a fight involving at least a dozen spectators leaked on Twitter.

Peake is reportedly seen in the middle of the altercation on the cellphone video. That, according to several posts, was the catalyst for the incident on Saturday, in which Peake might have been the target of retaliation. Peake, a 6-foot-7 senior from Chicago, started the Aggies’ first two games of this season. As of Sunday night, it remained unknown how ticket purchases would be refunded. One of the most attended games in The Pit in a number of years, according to UNM officials, was expected to draw 15,000 spectators. A Lobos home game hasn’t attracted at least 15,000 spectators since 2015.