Bradley Peterschmidt Obituary, Death – I just learned that my close buddy and student Bradley Peterschmidt died this week from an overdose. I’m shocked, and I’m also quite sad. A profound brightness and the joy of a human being are lacking from our planet. I can’t even speak. Nobody ever tells us how much they are hurting. I will state that I am thankful for his tranquility and the fact that he is no longer in pain due to a variety of conditions, including brain cancer. After I played a Survivor performance at Lesley University in 1997, I got to know Brad. He told me his story, and I started giving him voice lessons and composition instruction.

He was really proud of the song I helped him write for his mother, which we recorded and gave to her. Despite leading a challenging life, he never stopped looking for the light. He battled several addictions throughout his life despite always wanting to get over his anguish. He clearly has faith in me to write this. He would want me to express all of this because he wanted to assist others in overcoming addictions. I’m crying as I type this. I’m confident he’ll be there. We comforted one another and lifted one another’s spirits. I will miss his laugh, smiling, singing, drive to assist others, and commitment to making the world a better place. He referred to me as his Angel. Now he belongs to me.

I periodically sent him gifts and told him how important he was. Those who suffer with the dangers of addiction and are in such intense personal agony appear to think that life is not worth living without numbing pain. If you are in agony, kindly… swoop in. Never do we know. Respect yourself. Be very careful. The intensity of our suffering should not take precedence. The genuine cure for the heart, mind, body, and soul must be found in love and hope. I’ll always love you.