Bonnie Lou Connelly Obituary; It has been reported that Bonnie has made passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. Lou Connelly, who resides in Manlius, New York, is the one who notified everyone about the death of his sister, Bonnie L. Connelly, who was 78 years old when she passed away. Bonnie L. Connelly was the one who passed away.

The village of Manlius became Lou Connelly’s permanent home, where he also brought up his family. Merton Wilbur and Estella Wilbur had already passed away before their daughter was born, so neither of her parents was able to live long enough to see the birth of their daughter.

This is a very unfortunate outcome. She was born on Long Island, and her parents were Merton and Estella Wilbur. Her birthplace was Long Island. Her parents’ names were Estella. The years leading up to Bonnie’s retirement from the teaching profession were spent by her working as a teacher in the city of Syracuse, which is situated in the state of New York.

During those years, Bonnie worked up until the point where she was eligible to retire. During that period of time, she considered that location to be her home.

In spite of the fact that she and her husband Patrick Connelly both went away prior to each other, she is survived by her brother-in-law Kevin Lillis, her niece Karen Christiensen, and her nephew Denny Kelly Jr. She is survived by her family in spite of the fact that both she and her spouse went away prior to each other in the same year.