Bongani Khumalo Obituary,  Death – Maritzburg College is in a state of deep and profound regret as a result of the passing of Mr. Bongani Khumalo, a member of the college’s staff who was tragically killed in a car accident early on Monday morning. This event has left the college in a state of mourning. Maritzburg College is experiencing a state of deep and profound regret as a direct result of the passing of Mr. Khumalo. Because of the passing of his professor, the university is in a state of mourning at the moment. A significant number of the boys had Bongani as a coach and a mentor, and this morning the staff got together for a brief service to pay their respects to Bongani, who had passed away earlier this morning.

Bongani was not only a friend and colleague of the staff, but he was also a significant number of the boys. During the service that was held in his memory, which took place earlier today, Bongani, who had passed away earlier in the day, was honored. Bongani, a well-liked and very successful basketball coach for the first team, was a participant in the Epoch Optima Internship program offered by Maritzburg College in the year 2021. This program was made available to students at Maritzburg College. When it comes to coaching, Bongani has a lengthy history of success. His triumphs go back quite a ways.

He was in the second year of his pursuit of a Bachelor of Education degree with a concentration in Zulu, and at the same time, he was responsible for instructing a total of three different isiZulu classes. He took part in a conference for interns that was held in Johannesburg the year before, and it took place during that year. They were pleased with how well he represented them there, and they expressed their gratitude to him for that. The Epoch Optima Trust was pleased with how well he represented them there. During this difficult time, the residents and staff of the College would like to extend their most sincere condolences to Bongani’s family, and in particular to his two young children.

We understand that this is a difficult time for all of you. We are aware that you are currently going through a challenging time in your life.