Bob Handy Obituary,  Death –  After hearing the news that Bob Handy was leaving, I found myself in a state of both disbelief and grief. Over a significant portion of my life, Bob had been someone I counted as both a close friend and a traveling companion. I am going to miss him. Bob was a person who I had known for a very significant amount of time at that point in my life. I had known him for a considerable amount of time at that point. At that point, I had already been acquainted with him for a sizeable amount of time. After spending 22 years in the Navy, Bob made the decision to devote the rest of his life to advocating on behalf of veterans and urging the VA to make the necessary adjustments to its method of treating post-traumatic stress disorder in veterans.

Bob’s decision came after Bob had served in the Navy for a total of 22 years. The choice was made by Bob after he had spent a combined total of 22 years serving in the Navy. After serving in the Navy for a combined total of 22 years, Bob made his decision after being in the service for that long. Bob had served in the Navy for a combined total of 22 years when he finally came to the realization that it was time for him to make a transition into a new line of work. Bob began working in this industry immediately following his discharge from the military, and he has not stopped doing so since making his initial move into it.

When Bob finally reached the age at which he was eligible for retirement from the Navy, he had already put in a combined total of 22 years of service in the armed forces prior to reaching that age. Almost immediately after that, he started working on the task that he is still working on up to this very day. You can be certain of one thing, Bob: you will continue to hold a special and irreplaceable place in the hearts of a very large number of people. This is something you can look forward to.