Bob Colhoun Obituary, Death – On Thursday, November 17, 2022, Bob Colhoun passed away due to circumstances that were not expected to be the cause. The municipal seat of Newmarket, which can be found in the Canadian province of Ontario Beginning on the 26th of May in 1937 and carrying on until the 17th of November in 2022, the time period covered is from 1937 to 2022.

He passed away in the ease and comfort of his own home in the 85th year of his life with his daughter, son, and daughter-in-law by his side. He was a veteran soldier who had served in the armed forces in the past. He knew what he was doing. Colhoun, the cherished grandfather of Lynn and Robert’s fathers, was their paternal grandfather (and his wife, Sonia). He is the ecstatic grandfather of Patrick and Tom Colhoun, both of whom he regards as his finest accomplishments. He is proud to be their grandfather.

On April 27th, 1959, Bob joined the Etobicoke Fire Department and began his career as a firefighter with the department. My promotion to the rank of Captain at Hall 11 took place on June 23, 1975, while I was still serving with “C” Platoon. I was honored with this promotion. On February 4, 1985, members of the Hall 12 “B” Platoon were given the opportunity to advance to DC.

Bob was a member of the 1137 Association’s executive committee for a number of years during his time there. In addition to that, he belonged to the 1137 Association as a member. served for a combined total of 12 years, beginning in 1965 and concluding in 1977, with the years 1965 and 1977 serving as bookends. He served as President of Local 1137 from 1967 until 1968, during which time he oversaw all of the organization’s operations. The year 1995 was the year that Bob officially retired from Etobicoke Fire, where he had worked for the previous 36 years in the position of Deputy Chief.

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