Billy Kiah Obituary, Death -On Saturday, the name of the person who had been identified as having passed away the previous day as a result of a collision involving a single vehicle and taking place on Friday was made public to the general public. The collision had taken place on Friday. The occurrence took place on a Friday, as the day of the week.

Billy Ray Kiah, 62, who resided on Terry Street in Cordova, was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident, according to Sean Fogle, the Chief Deputy Coroner for Orangeburg County. Billy Ray Kiah was a resident of Orangeburg County. Billy Ray Kiah was a local of Orangeburg County throughout his life. Throughout his entire life, Billy Ray Kiah lived in Orangeburg County as a native resident. During the course of his life, Billy Ray Kiah resided in the city of Cordova for a period of time.

According to Fogle, an investigation is currently being carried out in order to determine the reason for the person’s passing as well as the circumstances that surrounded their death. This investigation will be carried out in order to determine the circumstances that surrounded the person’s passing.

Cannon Bridge Road, which is situated in close proximity to Rivermont Road, was the location of the incident, which took place at approximately 10:15 in the morning. Following the signs will lead you to this location, which is approximately three miles to the south of Orangeburg and is located in this general area.

Kiah was traveling south in an SUV called a Volkswagen Tiguan when, according to a report that was submitted by a member of the South Carolina Highway Patrol named Lance Cpl. Tyler Tidwell, the vehicle veered off the road to the right, collided with a tree, and then entered a creek. Kiah was not injured in the accident. Everything that occurred after the vehicle drove into the creek transpired as a direct result of that initial event.