Bill Willmot Obituary, Death – When it was finally his turn to leave this world, Bill Wilmot was able to do so peacefully at the Alle Kiski Medical Center in Natrona Heights. He was born on the 8th of January to parents who went by the names George Wilmot and Mary (Kron) Niemetz, and he lived his entire life in the Pittsburgh region. His parents gave him the names George Wilmot and Mary (Kron) Niemetz. George Wilmot and Mary (Kron) Niemetz were his parents and gave him this name. His name was given to him by his parents, who went by the names George Wilmot and Mary (Kron) Niemetz.

Up until 2008, Bill was employed for Allied Moving Company as a truck driver. In 2008, he decided to retire earlier than planned. In addition to that, he was a newspaper delivery driver for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Up to the point where he became eligible for retirement, he worked full-time in each of these roles simultaneously. William was a true enthusiast of the great outdoors. He was a member of the Leechburg Moose and had a passion for fishing. In addition to that, he enjoyed being active in the community.

Both Bill’s son, Jacob Wilmot, and his brother, Dennis Wilmot, had already left this world previous to Bill’s dying, but they did so at separate points in time. Bill Wilmot. Bill is survived by his parents, his four kids, Branden, Billy, Jordan, and Dennis, and a great number of nieces and nephews. Branden and Billy are twins, while Jordan and Dennis are both single. Leechburg is the city in Pennsylvania in which Bill was born. His two sisters, Bonnie Suprano and Marjorie (Jim) Nolf, both of Leechburg, and Marjorie (Jim) Nolf of Brackenridge, Pennsylvania, as well as his two brothers, Earl Wilmot of Albany, New York, and Dell Wilmot of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, are also from Leechburg. Bill calls the town of Leechburg, which is located in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, his hometown.