Bill Thompson Obituary, Death – As a collective group, we are all experiencing a profound sense of bereavement as a direct result of the tragic news regarding the passing of Bill Thompson. The community is going to take a hit that is going to be extremely harmful as a direct consequence of this. In the 1990s, when Bill was working for the NBSGA as the general manager, we first became familiar with him in his capacity as a professional (New Brunswick Salmon Growers Association).

When our company was in its infancy, he was a trailblazer in the industry, and he has a lot to answer for in terms of how well things are going now that he helped establish the foundation. He was a pioneer in the industry back then, and he has a lot to answer for in terms of how well things are going now. For Bill, meeting the requirements of the neighborhood community was of the utmost importance. He never let his political leanings stop him from behaving in a way that was in line with ethical standards; his partisanship never got in the way.

We found the parts of the gathering that focused on politics to be some of the most interesting parts of the whole thing. Whenever it was necessary, he was always able to bring me back to the here and now and ground me in reality.
We have recently worked together with him in an effort to oppose the upcoming changes that will be made to the boundaries of the federal ridings. These changes will be made in the near future.

As a result of the fact that we are both of the opinion that these alterations will not be to Saint John’s advantage, we have been cooperating with one another in order to address this matter. To the fullest extent of our minds and hearts, we held him in the utmost esteem and reverence that was humanly possible.I beg you to please accept my most sincere condolences on behalf of his family and the many other people who shared his life for a significant amount of time and were a part of it for a long period of time.