Bill Carruthers Obituary, Death – When word got out that Reverend Bill Carruthers, who had worked as a pastor in the Ottawa area in the past, had passed away, the people who knew him were shocked. Those who had previously known him were taken aback when they heard the news. During the time that he spent serving as a minister in Northern Ontario, he was a frequent guest in our home. His presence was always warmly welcomed and greatly appreciated, and we made every effort to show him that we valued his time here. He is unforgettable. I wish and pray that he will be at peace for the entirety of eternity after he has passed away.

Our deepest sympathies go out to the departed person’s loved ones and friends. He will be fondly remembered, and he had a very positive and Godly impact on the lives of a very large number of people. His legacy will live on in their hearts forever. Please accept our sincere condolences. Because of what he said and did, a sizeable portion of us were moved, and we ourselves were moved by it. Another fantastic person who has achieved success at the highest levels of his field.

Many of us were able to graduate from EPBC in a better place than when we entered its great halls, and for that, we will be grateful to him for the rest of our lives. He made it possible for us to graduate in a better place. This godly servant is also gentle and humble, and the reason for this is that he himself is godly. Brother Carruthers showed us how to love people regardless of where they were or what they were going through by teaching us how to love others while they were going through their own suffering. In doing so, he showed us how to love people regardless of where they were or what they were going through.