Beverly Titus Obituary, Death – It has been reported that a woman lost her life today as a result of an auto accident in which the rear of her vehicle collided with the rear of a tractor that was being operated on a farm. The accident occurred when the rear of her vehicle was reportedly involved in a collision with the rear of the tractor. According to the reports, the woman was riding as a passenger in the vehicle. The information that we now possess was provided to us by members of the State Police Department.

On the day in question, just a few minutes before noon, someone brought to our attention an accident that had taken place on the Neuse River Bridge. In the United States, the section of the bridge in question can be found in North Carolina, not very far from the city of New Bern. The statements made by the state police indicate that the vehicle driven by Beverly Titus was traveling north on U.S. 17 at the time of the collision with the tractor, which was moving very slowly at the time of the incident.

This information comes from the statements made by the state police. This also transpired at the time of the accident that took place. Both automobiles were launched into the air in the same direction as a direct consequence of the collision that occurred between them. It was discovered that the woman from New Bern, North Carolina, who had lived in the area for the preceding 53 years had passed away at the location where the incident had taken place. The woman had been a resident of the area for the entirety of her life.

Despite the fact that the collision resulted in the bridge being closed for approximately ninety minutes, the driver of the tractor that was involved in the incident was not injured in any way, as stated by the state troopers who responded to the collision and investigated the scene of the incident after it occurred. The state troopers also reported that the bridge was closed for somewhere around ninety minutes while they investigated the incident.