Betty Farr Obituary, Death – Before her passing on November 9, 2022, Betty Farr, who was known to her friends and family simply as “Betty,” served as the matriarch of the Leathertown family for a significant number of years before she passed away. The passing of Betty Farr occurred on November 9th, 2022. The awful thing that happened took occurred on a Wednesday, which was the day of the week it was. When it came time to finally break the news to our Leathertown relatives, we did so not only with a heavy heart but also with an intense sense of bereavement.

With the opening of Leathertown Lumber, Mom’s fruitful career in the retail lumber industry and her lifelong interest in lumber reached their gratifying and remunerative zenith, bringing her a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. The interest in lumber that Mom maintained throughout her whole life was inspiring. Her tenacity and commitment paid off, as she was successful in achieving both of her objectives.

She was constantly moving from register to register, interacting with customers, and receiving phone calls in order to make certain that everything in our company was in correct operating condition for the benefit of each and every one of our cherished customers.

Even though she hasn’t worked in the yard in quite some time and hasn’t done so for quite some time now, she has continued to express her love and concern for the yard from a distance. She does this despite the fact that she hasn’t worked in the yard in quite some time. She has been engaging in this activity for a considerable amount of time at this point.

Betty spent the latter part of her life in the Ontario cottage country, and throughout that time, she made the most of the opportunities that were presented to her there so that she may enjoy her time there to the most. Betty made the most of the options that were available to her in that location, which allowed her to make the most of the time that she spent there.