Bernice Cassar Obituary, Death –  Her body was observed lying on a sheet just outside of a white Nissan Qashqai. The sheet covered her body. The suspect’s home in the Qrendi neighborhood has been located thanks to the efforts of the police. The suspect was being spoken to by a police negotiator while armed cops stood guard outside his residence. The authorities were attempting to persuade the guy to surrender himself in.

It is believed that the primary suspect has had a brief conversation with law enforcement and may have even commented on social media following the murder. A number of distraught relatives of the victim came at the scene of the crime quite fast, and the investigators had to keep them back. Around 10 in the morning, an older woman who identified herself as the victim’s aunt arrived at the location and yelled out that the victim had filed reports as recently as the day before.

The mother went over a list of all the times her daughter had called for assistance or filed a report. The victim’s sister expressed her frustration with the lack of response from the authorities in a post on Facebook. A witness who worked in a factory nearby stated that he heard three bullets being fired at approximately 8:00 in the morning. Another witness stated that a grey automobile was observed driving away from the area of the gunshot immediately after it occurred.

Several different police units, including the Rapid Intervention Unit, which has armed policemen, have arrived at the location. The murder is the first one of its kind to occur in Malta since the country included the definition of femicide in its Criminal Code.

After the rape and murder of Polish student Paulina Dembska on New Year’s Day, which generated a surge of calls for laws to protect women, those revisions were made in response to the outpouring of public support for such legislation. Magistrate Noel Bartolo is conducting an investigation at this time.