Benjamin Smith Obituary, Death – Benjamin Smith of Marshfield, Wisconsin has reportedly passed away. A GoFundMe account set-up for Benjamin reads: Please give some thought to making a contribution of any amount that you are able to in order to help cover the costs associated with Ben’s funeral. Thank you in advance for your consideration. Nobody can ever predict whether or not they will have to bury a child or whether or not they will have enough money saved up for the funeral. Neither of these things can be predicted with any degree of accuracy. They have no influence or power over either of these matters at all.

Neither of these things can ever be anticipated in any way, nor can any kind of preparation ever be made for them. We would like to take this opportunity to extend our gratitude to everyone who has assisted us in any way. Ben did not graduate from high school until the current school year because he did not receive his diploma from Marshfield Senior High School until the most recent school year. Ben had a busy life and participated in a wide range of activities that brought him pleasure. Some of these included going fishing and hunting as well as playing video games. He treasured the time he was able to spend with Creed, his human companion, as well as the time he was able to spend with his family and friends. He was able to spend time with Creed. He was able to spend time with his family and friends.

He considered Creed to be his closest friend. Not only did he discover the utmost contentment while working in the kitchen, but he also discovered it while roaming free in the great outdoors. Ben had the uncanny ability to make people laugh and lift the spirits of those who were in close proximity to him. This was one of Ben’s many gifts to the world. He was able to make the best of any challenging situation and ensure the well-being of all those who were involved. His loved ones, which include his family and friends, will take the necessary steps to ensure that his legacy will live on forever and that it will never be forgotten. They will do this by ensuring that the necessary steps are taken.