┬áBelen Colon Obituary, Death – On November 12, 2022, at the age of 84, passed away in a tranquil and uncomplicated manner without any problems or complications whatsoever. Two of his brothers and sisters, Aurea Santiago and Pedro Santiago, both of whom predeceased him in death, are both considered to be his siblings. Some of his other brothers and sisters include Juan Santiago, Felipe Colon, Ezequiel Colon, Aurea Santiago, and Pedro Santiago. In addition, Ezequiel Colon is a member of his family. Surviving children include Gabriel (Rachel) Vazquez, Mateo (Bonnie) Vazquez, Mercedes Vazquez-Simmons, Borgen Vargas, Norma Diamond, Abigail Gonzalez, Rosin Rivera, and Devon Vazquez; grandchildren include Bristol (LaTarsha) Rollins, Brittany (Roland) Young, Raquel Vazquez, Alexis (Nicole) Vazquez, Jesenia ( It was common knowledge that Belen had served as the mayor of Clinton Avenue, always looking out for the interests of the area and fighting for civil and human rights.

This was something that everyone knew about Belen. This was something about Belen that every single person was aware of. Everyone was aware of this fact regarding Belen. No one could possibly have been unaware of it. Because he had always looked out for what was in the best interests of the community, he had a reputation that was completely deserving of the praise it received. At St. Michael’s Church in Rochester, New York, both the viewing and the funeral service will be held on the same day, November 19, 2018. At the number 124 on Evergreen Street is where you’ll find the church. Please find below a description and map of the church’s location for your reference.

The wake will get underway at ten in the morning, and the funeral mass will go on until 12:30 in the afternoon. Both of these happenings are going to be held at the same venue. Donations in memory of the deceased can be made to the Latino Youth Development and Resource Center or the Friends of St. Michael’s in lieu of sending flowers. The local community is supported by both of these organizations. The funeral and burial services are going to take place in Puerto Rico, as that is going to be the location where everything will take place.