Barbara Nicholls Obituary, Death – My mother, Barbara Nicholls, was taken from this world in an unanticipated manner on the Thursday of the week before the week before last. The news of her passing came as a tremendous shock to all of us in the family, but especially to my father, Peter, who was unaware of her illness up until the day that she passed away. The news of her passing came as a tremendous shock to all of us in the family.

The mere fact that Mom and Dad have been married for sixty years should be recognized as a significant accomplishment in its own right. This is something that should be celebrated.
When she passes away, each and every one of us will miss her in a variety of different ways due to the significant impact she had on our lives.

St. Augustine’s Anglican Church, which can be found in Hamilton at the intersection of Racecourse Road and King Street North, will be the location of her funeral on Tuesday, November 22. You can find the church by using the coordinates: Racecourse Road and King Street North.

To locate the church, enter the following coordinates into a GPS system: Racecourse Road and King Street North. If you keep these directions in mind, you won’t be late for your appointment at the church at all: The occasion will get under way at eleven o’clock in the morning, which is the time when it will officially start.

Because that is the day that my office will be closed, if you have any questions for me, please send them to me via email because I won’t be able to answer them in person because I won’t have access to my office. The office serving my electorate will be closed. I guarantee that I will make every effort to respond to you as soon as it is even remotely possible to do so, and I will do everything in my power to do so.