┬áBaby Darius Obituary, Death – Residents of the Merced neighborhoods surrounding Q Street and 12th Avenue are at a loss to comprehend what took place in that area around midday on Wednesday. Darius King Grigsby, who was nine months old at the time, was being pushed around in a stroller by his mother and her friend as they walked down the street. At some point in time, a vehicle drew up next to the three of them, and someone opened fire on them. At least one of the bullets struck and ultimately killed Darius, the infant. The person who was shooting ran away. You can hear the gunshots and then see the mother realize that her baby has been hit in the home surveillance video that they turned over to the police.

Action News was shown the video by a neighbor who lives in the vicinity. The video then shows the child’s mother screaming as she pulls him out of the pram and screams out for help while yelling “they killed my kid.” Someone placed a call to 911 from there. At the scene, it was determined that Baby Darius had passed away. The investigation has led the detectives to conclude that he was not the intended target. According to Perez, “We do not know what the motivation is.” “At this point, it’s possible that maybe one of the parents was a possible target and the child was just tragically caught in the crossfire.

” Baby Darius’ Aunt Andrea Bolanos shared a statement with Action News, saying in part, “Always a cheerful baby. Always smiling and laughing. He didn’t deserve to go like this, especially this soon. He was just starting to enjoy food and being mobile.” Baby Darius was just starting to enjoy food and being mobile. He was just starting to enjoy. The Merced Police Department spent hours conducting an investigation and collected evidence, which included the pram in which the infant was lying when he was shot. Neighbors watched the investigation unfold in front of them.