Ayron Thelen Obituary, Death РOn Wednesday, a man from the town of Weidman passed away after being struck by a large truck that was carrying rocks and ran a stop sign. The accident occurred when the truck ran the sign. The accident occurred as the man was crossing the street to collect his two young sons from daycare when he was hit by the truck. The truck had been put to use transporting rocks in their various forms over the course of the previous two days.

The statements that were made by Isabella County Sheriff Michael Main indicate that a semi-truck driven by a man who was 49 years old and from Freeland collided with the vehicle that Ayron Thelen was operating at the time of the collision while Ayron Thelen was operating his vehicle on Coldwater Road. At the time of the accident, Thelen was travelling along Coldwater Road in his vehicle.

Ayron Thelen was driving down Coldwater Road when the incident occurred while he was in control of his vehicle. At the scene of the accident, medical personnel determined that he had passed away. “It was discovered that a semi-truck that was traveling eastward on Drew Road did not come to a complete stop at a marked junction,” said Main, who was in charge of the investigation. “During the course of the investigation.” “The investigation was finished,” “The inquiry was carried out,” and “The findings of the research have led us to this conclusion” are all phrases that can be used to describe the outcome of the investigation.

An automobile traveling in the southbound direction on Coldwater Road and a semi traveling in the northbound direction were both involved in a collision that took place on that road. Because there was only one person inside the vehicle at the time of the collision, that person also happened to be the driver of the vehicle, and they were the only person who was killed. They learned that Thelen had passed away before their arrival at the location, which indicated that his passing had occurred some time in the past. The driver of the semi-truck was taken to the hospital for additional testing after being involved in an accident, and he arrived at the hospital after being transported there.The funeral services will proceed for a little bit longer than originally planned.