Antoine Young Obituary, Death – Our client, Antoine Young, who was being held in custody by the Nebraska Department of Corrections on the day of his untimely death on November 18, 2022, passed away for reasons that are unknown. Since the start of his tenure, he had been serving in that role ever since it was created. It is with the deepest regret that we must be the ones to deliver this depressing information to you, and please accept our sincere apologies for being the ones who must do so. We would much rather not have to tell you this, and it is with the deepest regret that we do so now. This is something that we would much prefer not to have to tell you. We apologize.

We really hope that we won’t be required to have to educate you about this specific subject at this particular time. Please accept our sincere apologies. A little more than one and a half months before he died away, his appeal for relief was denied by the Supreme Court of Nebraska. It was his very last chance to receive any form of treatment for his condition, therefore he needed to make the most of this opportunity while he still had it. We persist in partaking in this behavior despite the fact that we harbor a significant amount of animosity and shame toward ourselves; nonetheless, we continue to do so regardless.

This is something that we do in spite of the fact that we feel a significant amount of hatred toward ourselves and the choices that we have made in the past. We persist in engaging in this endeavor despite the fact that we have the feeling that we have let ourselves down in some manner by not achieving the desired results. We continue to engage in this endeavor despite the fact that we have the impression that we have failed to live up to our own expectations in some way because we have not achieved the outcomes that we had hoped for.