Ant Hendrie Obituary, Death – Anthony Hendrie, a friend and coworker, revealed to us this summer that he had been given a Stage IV melanoma diagnosis. The news was heartbreaking for his friends and family. Not just in terms of his work ethic, Anthony embodied the tireless colleague. He never lost his sense of hope and always greeted you with a smile and “Hey, Mate.” He was constantly helpful and the first to pitch in when needed. Because of his unwavering sincerity, he won the respect and trust of people around him. He was tenacious in all the important ways, and he met his task in the same way with a bravery we could only hope to muster in the same predicament.

Anthony expressed his gratitude for all the calls, cards, emails, and messages that so many had sent along to some of his closest coworkers last month, saying, “Ah, Mate, you have no clue how much it all means to me,” and his wish to catch up in person over a glass of wine. Given the kind of coworker and friend Anthony was to everyone whose lives he crossed, the outpouring of support that came to him was completely predictable. Anthony’s grace in recent months belied the challenges he encountered. At the age of 53, he passed away on Thursday, November 10. We send our deepest condolences to his wife Tricia, their children Sienna (11), James ( 8), as well as his parents, siblings, and the rest of his family. We want to pay honor to Anthony by saying a few more words about him, but most of all, we want to support Anthony’s family in any way we can. The family has incurred significant medical expenses recently, so whatever we can do to assist them in overcoming these and other obstacles would truly be the most fitting tribute to Anthony.

The phrase “family man” is one of the greatest ways to describe Anthony, and one of his favorite topics of conversation was the origin of his family. Anthony’s history immediately stood out. He was proud to be an Australian. He made the decision to return to his native country many years ago, as many of his friends are aware. Just a few days before his scheduled departure, he made all the necessary arrangements, booked a flight, and went out with friends to mark the end of his chapter in the United States. He met the love of his life that very evening, as fate would have it. The following day, they went on a date. Anthony obviously canceled his flight. Soon after, they got married and had two lovely kids. They also continued working in the United States and eventually became citizens. Anthony was extremely proud of his heritage, his adopted country, his family, and both his Australian and American relatives. There was nothing more enjoyable than sitting down with Anthony and exchanging stories about his family and friends, who were the most important aspects of his life.

Over the years, Anthony has helped so many people and causes, literally laying down his life for his loved ones, friends, and coworkers. Let’s raise a glass to our friend Anthony and continue to show him and his family our love and support by drinking Shiraz on this particular occasion.