Angela Mccall Obituary, Death – Angela McCall, who had served as our Children’s Minister from 2018 until 2022, passed away recently. It is with a heavy heart that we share the news of her departure. Angela’s family and those who were closest to her are receiving our sincerest condolences and expressions of sympathy on behalf of the church. She brought excitement and focus to the Children’s Ministry at Spears Creek, and she cherished the opportunity to talk with our children and teenagers about Jesus. At this time, we ask that you continue praying with us for the family. Thank you for your continued support.

Today there is yet another school that has been destroyed, leaving friends, family, and children in tears as they leave for work, school, or their final destination. My child is one of their “students.” His third-grade teacher, who was also his teacher the previous year, was killed in a vehicle accident, as we discovered yesterday. An incredible, godly, kind, and inspirational woman lost her life as a result of someone else’s senseless actions. So many individuals who were affected by her have now been forced to experience an unanticipated tragedy due to a senseless act of someone else’s decisions. She had a lot more to live for, thus it was not her time.

She had twin daughters who are 12 years old, a husband, and had just begun her retirement. a family that has been destroyed as a result of one person’s careless decision. Because of one person’s stupid decision, her coworkers and friends now have to learn how to get by without her contagious smile, words of encouragement, and loving gestures. Students of all ages who she teaches shouldn’t have to worry about coping with anything like this because of someone else’s stupid decision. Because of one person’s thoughtless act, the pupils now have to struggle through unrecognized emotions and pain while still performing to the best of their skills.

And then there are the parents of these students, who are unable to alleviate their children’s suffering as a result of one person’s stupid actions. There was more for her to do, more to live for, and more to achieve, but that was taken away by one person’s foolish decision. The person you took from us touched so many lives, and her contagious smile spread to a great number of individuals. Everyone already really misses and feels the absence of her communication, inspiration, and dissemination of the gospel. She had to always put a smile on everyone’s face and inspire them to give it their all. We sincerely appreciate all that you have done for my family and I and will miss you terribly, Angela. Please join me in praying for everyone who knew and loved her, especially for my kid who is inconsolably distraught.