Ambrose Decoste Obituary, Death – During the time that he spent serving his country in the armed forces during World War II, Ambrose Decoste gave his utmost effort in order to achieve the highest possible level of success. Because he regarded his responsibility as having a great deal of weight in his life, he went ahead and carried out these actions. It was his responsibility to serve his country, and he did so in a manner that was not only honorable but also performed to the best of his abilities.

The fact that he has passed away is a terrible misfortune, but the memories of those who were honored to have been able to count him as a friend will ensure that his legacy will live on for all of eternity.
In the days leading up to his passing, his family members were relentless in their pursuit of information from him regarding the length of time he spent serving in the military, as well as his experiences during the course of the conflict itself.

These photographs were taken with the intention of serving as a visual reminder of the actions that took place on the battlefield as well as those that occurred away from it. They were taken with the purpose of serving as a visual reminder of what had occurred, which is why they were taken.

They were taken with the intention of serving as a visual memory of what had occurred, which is the reason why they were taken, and this objective was why they were taken. This page includes images that were taken specifically for the goal of serving as a visual memory, and this page itself includes the photographs that were taken. You will be able to view these images by using the links that have been provided for you to access the relevant galleries that are located further down on this page. You can find these galleries by scrolling down this page.