Amanda Howcroft Obituary, Death – Amanda Howcroft, who lived in Adams Twp. until the day she passed away on November 14, 2022 at the age of 35, fought valiantly to the the end and was finally at peace once she passed away. Those who cared for her and loved her from both of her families were by her side as she breathed her last breaths and passed away. Her friends and family, as well as those she worked with, will always remember her as having a heart that was not just kind but also empathetic. They are going to carry the memories of her with them always and forever in their hearts. Her love for her family was unwavering and unending, and because of this, she was willing to sacrifice anything for them.

While she was a student at Bethany College, she was an active member of the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority and went on to acquire a degree with high honors from that institution. Her time spent tending to the garden brought her a great deal of personal fulfillment. She was preceded in death by a substantial number of her family members as well as other friends, and as she arrived in paradise, they all greeted her with love and kindness. The loss of their daughter, Amanda, will cause a great deal of anguish and distress for her family, which includes her brothers Andy and Ben Howcroft as well as her parents, Walter and Amy (Richardson) Howcroft. Her passing will bring them all together as one. Her grandparents will suffer a great deal as a result of their loss as well.

In place of sending flowers, anybody who would like to remember Amanda by honoring the National Kidney Foundation via their generosity is encouraged to do so. It is possible to make these gifts in her name. Amanda was a very important member of the team that made this organization so successful. Cranberry’s Devlin Funeral Home is the establishment that has been given the responsibility of carrying out the obligation of providing professional services to the members of the surviving family. This responsibility has been committed to the establishment by the remaining family members.