Alwyn Louwis Obituary, Death – On November 16, 2022, Alwyn Louwis, who had 66 years of age and lived in Dorchester Heights, East London, passed away in a tranquil and peaceful manner. He was a resident of East London. Due to the nature of the events that transpired, it was not possible to arrive at a conclusive diagnosis regarding the reason for death.

As a result of his passing, he is lamented by all of those whom he has left behind; these include his devoted wife Leonie, his children Juan and Lindi, Celeste and Claude, his grandchildren Emily and Ethan, his sisters Ansie and Alida, his brother-in-law Piet, and the rest of his extended family.

In recognition of the event, a memorial service paying respect to the departed will take place at the Wesheuwels Dutch Reformed Church on Monday, November 21, 2022 at eleven in the morning. The service will begin with a moment of silence. The funeral or memorial service will be held in memory of the deceased individual who will be honored by its presence. In the city of East London, in the United Kingdom, the church can be found in the Amalinda neighborhood. In addition to being the location of the church, 83 Rosedale Road is also the address for it. There is where you will locate it.

You will be able to watch the service whenever it is most convenient for you to do so regardless of where you are because it will be streamed online in real time. Before the cremation takes place, there will be a solemn ceremony that will be held in private for the deceased person’s immediate family as well as their closest friends. The following is a suggestion that I would like to make to all of my close friends, and I would appreciate it if they would give it a lot of thought.