Allen Major Obituary, Death – Unfortunately, we have to be the ones to break the news to you that Allen “Cactus Jack” Major passed away late last night. Our hearts are heavy as we do so. This is a piece of news that we have to deliver to you with a heavy heart. As the majority of you are probably already aware, he launched Cactus Jack’s Saloon for the very first time in the calendar year 1996.

After considering some of the past stand-up comedy characters he had played and how he wanted to remember them, he came up with a name for it after thinking about one of those characters and how he wanted to remember them. 1998 was the year I first started working for him as a bartender, and by 2001, we had come to the conclusion that we should buy the bar as a joint business venture.

Our friendship developed very rapidly, and in a relatively short period of time, we became very close to one another. Together, we were able to construct the chicken truck, put up a fight against Jeffco when they attempted to demolish us so that they could build the bridge, and put up a fight to keep Cactus Jacks alive despite the fact that we easily could have been turned into a parking lot.

All of these accomplishments were only possible because we worked together. Collaborating with other people was essential to the success of all of these endeavors. At my wedding, he was the best man, and during his speech, he was able to make not only the audience but also the bride and groom laugh and cry. He was also successful in doing both. Over the course of these many years, our friendship has developed into something deeper and taken on a greater significance.

After ensuring that we were safe throughout the flooding that occurred in 2017, he was the one who, in the end, was the one to sell us the building. Since the very beginning, he has been our friend, and we know we can depend on him to watch out for our best interests at all times. In addition to that, we will miss him in a variety of ways that are difficult for us to articulate at the present time. We will keep an eye out over the course of the next few weeks for an announcement regarding the memorial service that will be held at the bar.