Alissa David Obituary, Death – Alissa David, who lived in Toronto, Ohio, could not make it through the ordeal alive and was not able to survive the fight that she went through. She was born on April 29 in Steubenville, Ohio, to her mother Sayla Watson, who was originally from Mingo Jct, Ohio, her step-father Jake Robinson, who was also originally from Mingo Jct, Ohio, and her biological father Steven (Christy) Looney, who was also originally from Mingo Jct, Ohio. Her step-father Jake Robinson was her biological father, and her biological father was her step-father. Her biological father was actually her step-father, Jake Robinson. In other words, her step-father was also her biological father. Both sets of her grandparents—her maternal grandparents and her paternal grandparents—were born in the town of Mingo Jct, Ohio.

After receiving her diploma from Toronto High School in 1995, Alissa maintained her quest for independence by pursuing a career in the field of her choice. She went on to complete her training to become a personal care aide while she concurrently continued to work on her own. Prior to her birth, her maternal great-grandfather Brooks Looney, her paternal great-grandfather Sale Johns, her maternal great-uncle James Swick, and her father-in-law John McTheny all passed away. Her paternal great-grandfather was also named Sale Johns. Both her maternal great-uncle James Swick and her husband’s father had passed away by the time she was born. In addition, her paternal paternal great-grandfather, Paul David, had already passed away before she was born.

In addition to her biological parents and stepfather, she is survived by her daughter Brooke McTheny, who resides in Toronto, Ohio, and her son Bret McTheny, who resides in Newport News, Virginia; her maternal grandmother Paula David Johns, who also resides in Toronto, Ohio; her paternal grandmother Leona Cottrell Looney, who resides in Mingo Jct., Ohio; her brother Zachary Robinson; and her stepbrother Christopher Robinson. Her maternal grandmother