Alice Read Obituary, Death – On Sunday, November 14, 2021, Alice Read, a graduate of Cal Poly in 2018, was taken from this world far too soon. Not only was Alice an amazing daughter and sister, but she was also a friend to everyone. Alice devoted her life to pursuing her numerous interests, including achieving success in the business sector, cultivating relationships with her friends and family, long-distance running, alpine skiing, global travel, and road riding. Alice was a student at Cal Poly when she was actively involved in Chi Omega, served on the Executive Board of the American Marketing Association, and was an OCOB Director on the ASI Board of Directors.

In addition, she was a member of the American Society of Institutional Investors. After receiving her degree, Alice continued to be a leader while she built her community in San Francisco and San Diego while working in marketing at Snowflake and Salesforce. Alice’s brilliance, perseverance, discipline, and fun-loving temperament made a positive impact on the lives of a great number of people. Every day, we are reminded of how much we miss her.

In recognition of Alice’s distinguished career as an administrator at Cal Poly, her friends and family have collaborated to establish the In her honor, Alice Read Scholarship Endowment Fund was established, with the goal of encouraging future generations to take up leadership roles. Students who represent Alice Read’s spirit of leadership, show her passion for business and epitomize her love for and engagement in her community will be eligible for the Alice Read Memorial Scholarship, which will be presented on a yearly basis.

Because we want to make sure that Alice’s legacy lives on, we are going to establish her scholarship as an endowed fund that will be maintained by the Cal Poly Foundation. This will ensure that her scholarship will continue to be given out for many years to come. Once the $25,000 mark has been reached, 4% of the total will be distributed each year, forever, with a minimum payment of $1,000 each year, beginning in the spring of 2023. The more money that is raised, the greater the number of kids that will be able to benefit from Alice’s memory.

Each and every contribution is eligible for a tax deduction and a matching gift from the company. After you have contributed to the Scholarship Fund, you should fill out and send in an application for a matching contribution. If your company agrees to the terms of the application, they will provide matching funds to Alice’s Scholarship. Visit the following website to determine whether or if your employer offers a matching gift program: