Ali Durakovic Obituary, Death – Ali Hamza Durakovic was a well-known bodybuilder and jumper in Mostar. He also worked in the Old Town, but tragically, he passed away at the age of thirty as a result of an accident. “A sizeable portion of the population that resided in this area at the time thought of him as a close friend. ” People are convinced that they will never forget the heroic effort that Hamza and Admiral Delic Guma did in the fifth month of this year to save the lives of visitors from the United States. Hamza and Admiral Delic Guma were able to rescue the lives of four tourists from the United States.

An event that took place in the fifth month of this year prompted Hamza and Admiral Delic Guma to take action. Because of the things that they committed, it is a given that people will never forgive them for what they did (U.S.). An old proverb says something like this: If you save one life, it is the same as if you rescued the whole planet. This is a powerful reminder of the importance of doing good deeds. Today, at 3:30 in the afternoon, funeral services will be place at the Sutina Town Cemetery. We’d love for you to come with us. The Instagram profile for Mostar eternally published a post the day before in which it was asserted that the people who lived in the city would remember him as a courageous individual who had a big heart.

To refresh your recollection on this incident, it occurred in May of this year when a tourist from the United States attempted to dive into the Neretva river from the Old Bridge, but he was unable to properly finish the dive. This event is being brought to your attention so that you can recall it. The young man, who had already lost consciousness, was courageously saved by jumpers from Mostar named Admir Delic Guma and Ali Hamza Durakovic, who, under normal circumstances, would have taken tourists out on a boat. Jumpers from Mostar named Admir Delic Guma and Ali Hamza Durakovic were the ones who ended up saving the young man.