Alexandria Lilly Obituary, Death – According to the Potter County Sheriff’s Office, the dead body of a woman was discovered on North Givens Avenue on Sunday. The location of the discovery was reported. It has been disclosed precisely where the discovery was made.

It was determined that Alexandria Nicole Lilly had been 27 years old when she had passed away. It was determined that the person who had passed away was the woman whose name was Alexandria Nicole Lilly, and the body of the deceased was discovered to belong to her. It was also determined that the body of the deceased belonged to her. It was also established that she was the person who had passed away.

Alexandria The body of Nicole Lilly was found in the woods early on the morning of November 13, a Sunday, which was also the day it had been reported missing. The body had been missing since the previous day, November 13. At that moment, it was already the 13th of November. In order for law enforcement officials to successfully collect information regarding the incident at this point in the investigation, they require the assistance of members of the general public. During this time, they are reaching out to members of the general public in hopes of receiving assistance from them.

While we are having this discussion, there is already an investigation being carried out in order to look into the specific matter that we are talking about right now. This is being done in order to find out more information about it. If you have any information that you would like to share with Amarillo Crime Stoppers, the number to call is (806) 374-4400.

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