Alexander Shaw Obituary,  Death – A 19-year-old guy who was shot and killed earlier this month in Steilacoom while out with a girlfriend was recognized on Wednesday. The victim’s family members characterized him as a man with limitless energy and a reckless spirit. According to a press release from the Pierce County Medical Examiner’s Office, Steilacoom resident Alexander Shaw passed away from numerous gunshot wounds close to the 1900 block of Commercial Street. It was determined that he was murdered. In connection with the shooting on November 5 that left the 22-year-old lady with significant injuries, a former boyfriend of the woman Shaw was with has been charged with murder, attempted murder, and assault.

Cheryl Alatorre Bautista, Shaw’s mother, said on Tuesday that she has been encircled by family since her son’s passing and that they have all found it difficult to cope with the loss. Alatorre Bautista remarked, “It’s just, it’s still so unreal for all of us. “We just keep expecting him to stroll through the door, but we know that’s not going to happen. He has left, and we know it. Family members confirmed to The News Tribune that Shaw was born and reared in the Tacoma region. Shaw played football and soccer while attending Steilacoom High School. He loved fishing as well. Shaw would have received his associate’s degree next spring, according to his mother, who said he was a mechatronics student at Clover Park Technical College.

He was the father of a 2-year-old child named Lavender and the youngest of three brothers and one sister. The morning after the shooting, when Shaw’s parents discovered him in the driver’s seat of a car at the end of Commercial Street, police from numerous law enforcement organizations started an investigation. At the site, Shaw was identified as deceased. A woman with a gunshot wound was dropped off at St. Joseph’s Medical Center that evening, according to further research. The woman’s ex-boyfriend dropped her off at the hospital, according to court documents, and then left without speaking to anybody there.

A Town of Steilacoom press release states that after the woman underwent extensive surgery, her condition has stabilized. Thomas, Shaw’s brother, recalled that Shaw came from a large, close-knit family. A group of seven to nine cousins would get together every Saturday to hang out, grill, play board games like Uno, and watch movies. Shaw’s exuberant energy is something one cousin, Terry Kelly, said he misses. He claimed that the man only experienced life at two speeds: extremely fast or extremely slow. Shaw might also be compassionate, Kelly suggested. He claimed that if one of their younger cousins was in trouble, Shaw would be the first to contact.

Thomas Shaw published a TikTok video of his brother that was posted in the days following the Fourth of July, claiming that it was representative of the man. The “Jackass” theme song played as Shaw ran around a parking lot holding a firework that resembled a Roman candle. His name was called by nearby family and friends, who laughed. Thomas Shaw, 30, said, “Sometimes it’s a little hard to take, but, you know, it’s my younger brother.” Without him, “the party probably wouldn’t be a party.”