Alana Waddell Obituary, Death – Alana Waddell of Port Elgin Ontario has passed away unexpectedly. Alana was born eleven days later, on August 11th, in the year 2000, in the city of Springfield, Massachusetts. In 2018, Alana completed her high school education at Shawsheen Technical Valley, the same institution in which she had been enrolled previously. She prepared herself for a career in engineering by enrolling in a number of honors classes and making the decision to participate in the Electronics Technology Shop.

Everyone was aware of Alana’s profound love for reading, especially children’s books. Despite the fact that her bedroom was completely stuffed with books, she was never observed without at least one or two of them in her possession at any given time. She fulfilled a lifelong ambition by attending French classes throughout her high school years in order to be better prepared for when she was able to fulfill her dream of traveling to Paris. Her laugh was infectious, and she had an uncanny ability to keep talking for hours on end without showing any signs of fatigue.

Alana’s only surviving relatives are her cousin Kenisha Chase, her great-grandfather Preston Harrison Sr., her aunt April Waddell, and her third cousin Lester Dorris III. In addition, Alana is survived by five brothers, namely Preston Harrison Jr., Diondre Waddell, Andre Waddell, and Malachi Harrison. She is also survived by four sisters, namely Kassaundra Woodall, Raniece Waddell, Siobhan Waddell, and Andrea Waddell.

In addition, she is survived by her two lovely children, a daughter named Aislynn Waddell and a son named Aidan Waddell. Both of them will be deeply missed. Both of these kids In addition to that, Alana had an Uncle Christopher Robinson who she adored and was very fond of. He was a very special person in her life. Her parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and a large number of other relatives and friends, along with a large number of other relatives and friends, will always have fond memories of her, despite the fact that her smile will be sorely missed.