Alan Lewis Obituary,  Death – We regret to inform you that on November 2, 2022, our father, co-founder of Alnoba Alan Elliott Lewis, unexpectedly passed away in our Kensington, New Hampshire, home. He leaves a legacy of giving back to improve the lives of others and the shared planet. Dad had a strong desire to be in touch with nature and save the planet we all share. He saw this area of Alnoba as a hallowed location for that significant task. Together with our mother Harriet, we are determined to carry out that objective with the same zeal and principles that our father instilled in us all.

Dad has longstanding connections to Kensington. In the 1600s, his forebears participated in the town’s settlement. From the time he was five years old, his mother would board a Greyhound bus in Boston’s financial district and discharge him in front of his grandmother Ruth Sawyer’s residence here in town for the summer. Alan felt safe and sacred in Kensington because of Ruth’s warm and loving welcome. His great uncle Roland D. Sawyer owned 27 acres of land, which he and our mother purchased, and they started restoring the natural ecosystem by clearing the area. It was the beginning of a long-lasting and intensely personal project that evolved into a larger desire to build a particular location where people from all over the world could gather to contemplate, communicate, and bring about change while nurturing a respect and gratitude for the land.

In Boston, New Hampshire, and everywhere else the O.A.T. and Grand Circle toured, our father firmly believed in giving back. Mom and Dad established the Alnoba Lewis Family Foundation in 1981. (ALFF). Since then, ALFF has contributed more than $250 million to more than 500 projects in 50 countries with the help of our devoted travelers and partners from throughout the world.
Dad was equally passionate about developing leaders as he was about traveling and giving back. He excelled as a leader during times of adversity. He would take on the worst that the world could throw at him and always emerge victorious. He has inspired a host of fearless leaders to follow in his footsteps, and they are dedicated to carrying on his vision and legacy by continuing to transform lives.

The loss of Dad, which came as an unbelievable shock, is being processed by everyone—as a family and as an organization. He just recently commemorated his and Mom’s 50th wedding anniversary. As each of us had children of our own throughout the years, our family grew, and his three granddaughters came to be the joy of Dad’s life.
But despite our sorrow, we will continue to act as Dad would have wanted us to: with courage, with dreams, and by making a difference in the world.